The Book of Stabbing is an Elite encounter found only in the second act of the Spire. Its scaling stabbing damage and strong single-hit attacks make it a fearsome foe, though this may be mitigated by decreasing its damage via a Weak debuff or otherwise.

  • It is also important to note that, due to its "Painful Stabs" ability, each time it deals unblocked damage, it shuffles a Wound
    into your discard pile.

Pattern Edit

  • The Book of Stabbing has a 15% chance to use Attack 2.
  • Attack 1 cannot be used 3 times in a row, and Attack 2 cannot be used twice in a row.
Name Intent Effect Ascension 3+ Ascension 18+
Attack 1 Intent - Aggressive - Sword Deals 6 x N* damage. Deals 7 x N* damage. Deals 7 x N* damage.
Attack 2
Attack intent 5
Deals 21 damage. Deals 24 damage. Deals 24 damage.

*N is equal to 2 plus the number of times Attack 1 has been previously used in the fight. On Ascension 18 and higher, N is equal to the Turn Number plus 1 instead.

Tips Edit

  • It is important to try and kill the Book as quickly as possible, because its attacks will only get worse and can become overwhelming.
  • Because of Attack 1, Strength reduction is incredibly valuable against the Book. Dark Shackles
    , Disarm
    , Piercing Wail
    , Malaise
    , etc. are all incredibly valuable in this fight.