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MysteryMann21 MysteryMann21 3 March 2018

Naming Daily Challenge/Daily Run/Daily Climb

Ok I been Busy making new atricles about The new mode called The Daily Challenge.But The Issue is do you want to make this article name to The Daily Challenge or the daily climb or whatever.I just don't know if this name That people are searching for.So I made a Poll so if you think this names fits.

-*Sorry for my bad english.please forgive me.

And if you have better ideas please let me know.

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Hidden0879 Hidden0879 20 February 2018


Okay, we need to standardize how we're doing Ascension information.

Someone went through certain events and put the unfavorable (Asc 15) outcomes in parentheses. How are we going to do this? Do we want ascension info on EVERY page, or an entirely separate mode/page for Ascension info? Or maybe just a global "Ascensions" page, and not even include it on individual pages?

For example, take the Giant Head Elite in Act 3. The page currently displays 500 HP. However, after Ascension 8, it increases to 520 HP. Do we want to show that on the page somewhere? After Ascension 3, its damage increases... but if we were to include that, we would need to specify that's Ascension 3 only, and the HP is Ascension 8 only.

Alternatively, it seems like no Ascens…

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