Blights are negative relics that are forced on the player each time they defeat 3 boss fights.

List of Blights

Image Title Description
Spear of Blight enemies do more damage
Shield of Blight enemies have more health
Mimic Infestation Treasure rooms no longer appear in ? rooms, maps after the fourth have their treasure rooms replaced with elites, and elites no longer drop relics
Time Maze
Time Maze The player is limited to playing 15 cards per turn
Muzzle The player can no longer increase their max health and healing is halved
Grotesque Trophy Gain 3 Pride curses (curses that costs 1 mana and puts a new copy of itself on top of the draw pile at the end of the turn if not played)

Order they are obtained

Set 1:

Spear of Blight starts at a 100% increase

Shield of Blight starts at a 50% increase

Mimic Infestation

Set 2:

Spear of Blight increases from 100% to 175%

Shield of Blight increases from 50% to 100%

Time Maze

Set 3:

Spear of Blight increases from 175% to 250%

Shield of Blight increases from 100% to 150%


Set 4+:

Spear of Blight increases by 75% each set

Shield of Blight increases by 50% each set

Grotesque Trophy each set

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