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Blights are detrimental passive items, like a negative version of relics. They appear in Endless Mode. They are forced onto the player by Neow each time they defeat Act 3 bosses, and from blight chests, if the Blight Chests mod is on.

Neow's Blights[]

Each time the player defeats the Act 3 boss and loops back to Act 1, they obtain a set of blights from Neow. The following is a list of blights that can be obtained from Neow.

Image Title Description
Trophy.PNG Grotesque Trophy Upon pickup, obtain 3 Prides.
Mimic.PNG Mimic Infestation Treasure rooms in future acts are replaced by Elites. Elites no longer drop Relics.
Muzzle.PNG Muzzle You can no longer increase your Max HP. All healing is halved.
Spear.PNG Spear of Blight Enemies deal 100% more damage.
Shield.PNG Shield of Blight Enemies have 50% more HP.
Time Maze.PNG Time Maze You cannot play more than 15 cards per turn.[1]

[1] Curses do not count towards Time Maze's 15-card limit.


The set of blights that player obtains from Neow is in the following order.

1st set[]

  • Spear of Blight starts at a 100% increase
  • Shield of Blight starts at a 50% increase
  • Mimic Infestation

2nd set[]

  • Spear of Blight increases from 100% to 175%
  • Shield of Blight increases from 50% to 100%
  • Time Maze

3rd set[]

  • Spear of Blight increases from 175% to 250%
  • Shield of Blight increases from 100% to 150%
  • Muzzle

4th set and afterwards[]

  • Spear of Blight increases by 75% each set
  • Shield of Blight increases by 50% each set
  • Grotesque Trophy each set

Blight Chests[]

With Blight Chests mod turned on, each boss chest from the 4th chest onward is replaced by a Blight Chest, where the player is forced to choose 1 from 2 random Blights to obtain (cannot skip). The following is a list of blights that can be obtained from Blight Chests. All Blights from Blight Chests stack its effect if more than 1 copy is obtained, like Spear and Shield blights.

Image Title Description
Accursed.png Accursed Whenever you defeat a Boss, obtain 2 random Curses.
Ancient.png Ancient Augmentation Enemies start combat with 1 Icon Artifact.png Artifact, 10 Icon PlatedArmor.png Plated Armor, and 10 Icon Regen.png Regenerate.
Durian.png Durian Lose 50% of your Max HP.
Hauntings.png Hauntings Enemies start combat with 1 Icon Intangible.png Intangible.
Scatter.png Scatterbrain Draw 1 less card a turn.
Twist.png Twisting Mind At the end of your turn, add 1 random Status card to the top of your draw pile.
Void essence.png Void Essence Lose 1 Energy permanently.

Update History[]

  • Weekly Patch 54: Loop
    • Blight rolling now increments relic rng seeds correctly (consistency on save/load)
  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Muzzle blight was applying twice to Lizard Tail and Fairy Potion.
  • Weekly Patch 40: Forethought
    • Shifting Power (Transient) should now interact correctly, even if the owner has Artifact.
  • Weekly Patch 36: Power Through
    • Improved blight stacking for Endless. Grotesque Trophy is just 1 blight now.
  • Weekly Patch 33: Terror
    • Endless mod added to Custom Mode. Enemies get stronger and stronger.
    • Blight Chests mod added to Custom Mode. Boss chests give unique unavoidable blights for added challenge.
  • Weekly Patch 32: Face Trader
    • Fixed Fairy Potion and Lizard Tail not triggering with Muzzle blight.


So, you want new challenge as the usual Ascension 20 has become boring and too easy.

The Endless mode allows you to collect every relic, every card for your ultimate deck if you can survive long enough, as well as give you additional problems to overcome, as following.

  • Time Maze: You cannot use any infinite combo. This should not be that much of a problem if you can consistently defeat the Timer Eater boss who imposes a tighter restriction of 12 card plays per turn.
  • You cannot gain max HP. At an arbitrary long point of time in the run, the enemies become strong enough that any damage they deal will kill you, as well as become more durable. You will need to come up with a way to kill your enemies (or boss) in your first turn, or sustainably reduce the damage to manageable level, e.g. Wraith Form, Buffer
  • Innate curses that clog your first turn and generate themselves in your deck if you cannot deal with them properly. Fortunately, you can remove them at shop or rest site using PeacePipe.png Peace Pipe.

Blight chests mod[]

You have came up with plans and strategies to survive the usual endless mode, indefinitely. Welcome to the ultimate challenge in the game: Endless mode with Blight chests mod.

In this configuration, you can collect only 3 boss relics, as any chest after the first 3 gives you blights instead. In additional to the usual endless mode's problem, you will have to deal with the new blights, as following.

Image Title Problem (at an arbitrary long point of time in the run) and possible solution
Accursed.png Accursed You have too many innate Writhes that they sometimes occupy your entire first hand and you cannot play anything on your first turn. You will not have enough opportunities (shop/rest site) to remove them. A combination of BlueCandle.png Blue Candle, TungstenRod.png Tungsten Rod and UnceasingTop.png Unceasing Top will allow you to exhaust the innate curses until you get your first usable (innate) card, but then you will be put in topdeck mode and have to use whatever you draw, which severely limits what strategy you can employ to workaround the other challenges from other blights.
Ancient.png Ancient Augmentation Mostly manageable if you already have a strategy to "win" the normal endless mode.
Durian.png Durian Your max HP is 1. You will have to deal with combat without taking any damage. Monsters with Icon Thorns.png Thorns can damage you without taking their turn, which may stop some first turn kill decks if encountering fight with more 2 or more monsters with Thorns. There are many ways to prevent damage, but the most reliable method would be TungstenRod.png Tungsten Rod and any source of Icon Intangible.png Intangible, which gives you damage/HP loss immunity.
Hauntings.png Hauntings You will have to survive for however many turn it take each combat before you can deal damage normally. Can be solved using the same solution as with Durian, if you can find a way to sustainably generate Icon Intangible.png Intangible, like duplicating[1] Wraith Form for example.
Scatter.png Scatterbrain You cannot draw cards at the start of your turn. Innate and bottled cards still show up on your first turn. You can rely on UnceasingTop.png Unceasing Top to always have card to play, but that puts you in topdeck mode. While you cannot draw any card normally, you still have some options for card manipulation:
  • Seek to add specific card to your hand (duplicate it if you run out, or collect as many copies as you need, since you can play Seek -> 1 card + another Seek in your deck),
  • Hologram to add card back to your hand from your discard pile.
  • Card like Well-Laid Plans to keep cards for your next turn. You can use Nightmare to preload your hand on the next turn. There is also RunicPyramid.png Runic Pyramid to prevent you from discard your hand at the end of your turn, but you will have to manually put away cards to your discard pile with Concentrate as there are only 10 card slots in your hand.

A bottled Seek will allow you to easily set up your card manipulation mechanics.

Twist.png Twisting Mind Clogs your draw with Status cards after your first turn. Like Accursed, you can exhaust them until you get a usable card with MedicalKit.png Medical Kit and UnceasingTop.png Unceasing Top, but that puts you in topdeck mode. This is not a problem if you can manually manipulate your card, like with Scatterbrain, without drawing them.
Void essence.png Void Essence Subtracts directly from the number of energies you passively gain each turn, i.e. the number 3 on your energy UI assuming no boss relic. Thus, boss relics that increase this number are wasted with a large stack of this blight. Other energy relics still work, e.g. Lantern.png Lantern still works on your first turn or Violet lotus.png Violet Lotus that triggers upon exiting Calm. There are many solutions for this problem, for example, Aggregate and Double Energy in combination with IceCream.png Ice Cream.

[1] A common card manipulation in endless mode is the ability to duplicate any card you want. You need to have the target card and use Nightmare on it to duplicate it. Since Nightmare exhausts itself on use, you will need to have 2 copies of Nightmare so you can duplicate it before you run out if it. For Power and Attack cards specifically, you can simply use Dual Wield.

Fortunately, you can choose 1 blight to ignore, as the blight chests offer 2 choices (if the blight you want to ignore appears in 1 of the choices, you choose the other).