Event - Big Fish

Big Fish is an Event found exclusively in Act 1, The Exordium. The player must select one of three goodies dangling from the dungeon ceiling.

  • Banana: Heal 1/3 of your max HP. If the player's HP is not divisible by 3, the HP gain is rounded down.
  • Donut: Max HP +5. Like all HP gain, the extra hit points are healed when you get them.

Strategy Edit

The Donut is generally the best choice. The player probably doesn't need healing in Act 1, and Regret is a particularly nasty Curse.

If the path has more Merchants than usual, taking the Relic is safer - simply remove the Curse before facing the boss.

If you have Omamori with any charges left, it's a better choice to pick the Relic rather than the Donut.

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