The Bag of Preparation is a common relic that draws an additional 2 cards at the start of each combat. It's effect is identical to the Ring of the Snake, the Silent's default starting relic.


This relic is very powerful, despite it's rarity. It's effect synergizes with many other relics and cards, and the additional card draw increases the potency of your first turn. However, if you draw too many key cards and are unable to play them all, this relic could possibly set you back for a few turns.


  • Cloak Clasp: Gives additional protection at the end of your first turn, which is generally the turn in which you are most vulnerable.
  • Spirit Shield: Greatly increases the impact of a Spirit Shield played on the first turn.
  • Ring of the Snake, Ring of the Serpent, Snecko Eye: Additional draw from these relics make your turn 1 very powerful, as you will have 9 cards in your hand (8 with Ring of the Serpent).
  • Gambling Chip: You can mulligan additional cards drawn by Bag of Preparation.
  • Lantern and Ancient Tea Set: The extra Energy for the first turn along with additional card draw from Bag of Preparation greatly increases the impact of your first turn.
  • Mutagenic Strength: More Strength for your first turn in addition to the card draw makes your turn 1 attacks much more potent.


The relic's art shows the same backpack as the card Prepared

Update HistoryEdit

  • Patch V1.1: The Dealer
    • Fixed Bag of Preparation not drawing cards affected by Confusion power.
  • Weekly Patch 51: Recursion
    • Updated relic art for Bag of Preparation.
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