Backstab is an Uncommon Card for the Silent. It deals damage and exhaust. As an Innate card, it is always drawn on the first turn, taking one spot on your first card drawn.

Strategy Edit

Backstab deals s single burst of damage to a single enemy. It does not cost Energy, essentially giving you a single-use free attack.

With it being Innate, it is guaranteed that you will draw on the first turn, and is included on your draw count. This could be useful on lower floor, as Backstab has a respectable damage against enemy with lower health, but it could cripple you on higher floor since it could take a spot for a potentially more powerful card. Unless you have a appropriate set of Relics, it is not advised to take more than one copy of this card.

Synergies Edit

  • BagofMarbles Bag of Marbles: Amplifies Backstab moderate damage up to a more respectable amount, allowing you to one-shot a low-health enemy.
  • Akabeko Akabeko: Similar to BagofMarbles Bag of Marbles, Akabeko Akabeko increases Backstab damage to a respectable amount. While Backstab hits only once, it is a guaranteed first turn draw due to its Innate nature, giving you a guaranteed burst of damage on the first turn.
  • BagofPreparation Bag of Preparation, RingoftheSnake Ring of the Snake, and RingoftheSerpent Ring of the Serpent: The additional card draw lessens the drawback from Innate cards taking a space on your first draw.
  • GamblingChip Gambling Chip and GamblersBrew Gambler's Brew: Allows the player to discard and draw a new card in place of Backstab in case that it is not beneficial.
  • DeadBranch Dead Branch: With Backstab having 0 cost, DeadBranch Dead Branch turns it into free damage and a card generation, lessens the drawback from its Innate nature by giving you a chance to get a more beneficial card for free.
  • Shuriken Shuriken and Kunai Kunai: Backstab gives you a reliable counter on these relic for free on the first turn. Along with some Attack cards you could potentially drawn on the first turn, they could gives you a momentum you need to scale the fight.
  • Can help you take down minions of Gremlin Leader and Reptomancer in order to steer them to waste a turn summoning more minions.
  • A strange strategy with Shuriken Shuriken and Kunai Kunai comes from the fact that Backstab is free attack guaranteed to be drawn in the first turn, and taking 3 copies of them while having either of those relics guarantees that you could trigger Icon Strength Strength and/or Icon Dexterity Dexterity on the first turn for free while also dealing a burst of 33-45 damage. While those bonus can help you scale the fight, having a psuedo-NinjaScroll Ninja Scroll that takes up 3 cards of your initial draw makes it more risky on a higher floor with more aggressive and punishing enemies.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Update 10: Quality of Life
    • Backstab buffed: Cost lowered to 0. Damage decreased to 11.
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