Stage 1

(Starts with 2 Cultist allies)


Regenerate 10 (Heals 10 HP at the end of its turn)

Curiosity 2 (Whenever you play a Power, gains 3 Strength)

Unawakened (This enemy hasn't awakened yet...)


Name Intent Strength Other
Intent - Aggressive - Sword 10
Soul Strike Intent - Aggressive - Sword 6x3

Will always start out with the unnamed attack, and then follow the pattern of Soul Strike, (Unnamed), (Unnamed). It's probably best to take out the cultists ASAP, as they keep getting stronger. The Awakened one itself is fairly easy to take care of, assuming you can steadily get 18 defense (9 with weakness) and at least 11 damage per turn without using any powers... Once its HP has been reduced to 0, it will be invulnerable until its next turn when it changes forms

Stage 2

HP: 240


Name Intent Strength Other
Dark Echo Intent - Aggressive - Sword 32
Sludge Intent - Attack Debuff 12 Applies Darkness 1
Intent - Aggressive - Sword 10x2

All buffs and debuffs on The Awakened are now gone. Starts with Dark Echo, and then will randomly pick between the remaining two attacks. Surviving the second stage is mostly a matter of surviving Dark Echo, as the other attacks aren't any harder than the previous form, and now you can use powers without penalty.

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