The Awakened One is a possible boss for Act III. It starts the combat with 2 Cultist minions.

The Awakened One has two stages. It begins in Stage 1, which has 300 HP. When these are depleted, the Awakened One becomes invulnerable for a turn, and immediately enters Stage 2 at the beginning of its turn.

Stage 1

HP: 300


Regenerate 10 (Heals 10 HP at the end of its turn)

Curiosity 2 (Whenever you play a Power, gains 2 Strength)

Unawakened (This enemy hasn't awakened yet...)


Name Intent Strength Other
Intent - Aggressive - Sword.png 22
Soul Strike Intent - Aggressive - Sword.png 6x4

Will always start out with the unnamed attack and then follow the pattern of Soul Strike, (Unnamed), (Unnamed).

Stage 2

HP: 320

When entering the second stage, all of the debuffs affecting The Awakened One are dispelled and its Curiosity ability is gone. However, its strength bonus (due to Curiosity) remains.


Regenerate 10 (Heals 10 HP at the end of its turn)


Name Intent Strength Other
Dark Echo Intent - Aggressive - Sword.png 42
Sludge Intent - Attack Debuff.png 12 Applies Darkness 1
Intent - Aggressive - Sword.png 10x3

After waking up, it will immediately use Dark Echo. It will then randomly pick between Sludge and (unnamed) each turn.


Take the Cultists out as soon as possible, as they keep getting stronger each turn. The Awakened One itself is straightforward to handle: match your defense to the specific attack, and use the rest of your energy to deal damage. Once you lower it to zero HP, it will be invulnerable until its next turn. Use that turn to ramp up your defense, since The Awakened One will immediately use its Dark Echo attack. Surviving the second stage is mostly a matter of surviving Dark Echo -- especially the first one, which could catch unsuspecting characters off-guard.

Watch out for Stage 1's Curiosity ability. Whenever you play a Power, The Awakened One will gain two strength. This is especially dangerous with the Soul Strike attack, which will use the Strength bonus three times. Even if you have a Power build, you might want to avoid using them during this stage. Curiosity goes away in Stage 2, so you might want to spam your Powers when the Awakened One enters its invulnerable state between the stages, or as soon as Stage 2 begins.

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