Unawakened Form (Stage 1)


Always begins with Slash. Has a 25% chance of using Soul Strike and a 75% chance of using Slash every turn. Slash cannot be used three times in a row and Soul Strike cannot be used twice in a row.

Once HP reaches 0, it loses Curiosity and the intent instantly changes to Rebirth.

Awakened Form (Stage 2)


Always starts with Dark Echo. Has a 50% chance of using Tackle and a 50% chance of using Sludge. Cannot use Tackle three times in a row and cannot use Sludge three times in a row.

Defeating the Awakened One's second stage will cause the remaining Cultists to flee.

Name Intent Effect
Slash Attack intent 5.png Deal 20 damage.
Soul Strike Attack intent 5.png Deal 6 x 4 damage.
Rebirth Intent - Unknown.png Removes all debuffs, interrupts previous intents.
Dark Echo Intent - Attack - Sickle.png Deal 40 damage.
Sludge Intent - Debuff - Saber.png Deal 18 damage and shuffle 1 Void into the draw pile.
Tackle Intent - Attack - Sickle.png Deal 10 x 3 damage.


Kill the Cultists as soon as possible as they gain Strength each turn after the first. The Awakened One itself is straightforward to handle: match your defense to the specific attack and use the rest of your energy to deal damage. Once you lower it to zero HP, it will become invulnerable until its next turn while removing debuffs like weakened and vulnerable. Use that turn to ramp up your defense and possibly play power cards that were saved, since The Awakened One will immediately use its Dark Echo attack. Surviving the second stage is mostly a matter of surviving Dark Echo -- especially the first one, which could catch unsuspecting characters off-guard. Save any exhaust cards that will help speed up this phase (e.g. Terror)

Watch out for Stage 1's Curiosity ability. Whenever you play a Power, The Awakened One will gain 1 Strength (2 in Ascension 19-20). This is especially dangerous with the Soul Strike attack, which will use the Strength bonus four times. Even if you have a Power build, you might want to avoid using them during this stage. Curiosity goes away in Stage 2, so you might want to spam your Powers when the Awakened One enters its invulnerable state between the stages, or as soon as Stage 2 begins.

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