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The Awakened One is one of the three bosses encountered at the end of Act 3.


Phase 1 (Unawakened)[]

Always begins with Slash. Has a 25% chance of using Soul Strike and a 75% chance of using Slash every turn. Slash cannot be used three times in a row and Soul Strike cannot be used twice in a row.

Once its HP reaches 0, it loses Curiosity and the intent instantly changes to Rebirth, then enters Phase 2. Strength buffs from Curiosity are carried over into Phase 2.

Name Intent Effect
Slash Attack intent 5.png Deal 20 damage.
Soul Strike Attack intent 5.png Deal 6 x 4 damage.
Rebirth Intent - Unknown.png Removes all debuffs, interrupts previous intents.

Phase 2 (Awakened)[]

Always starts with Dark Echo. Has a 50% chance of using Tackle and a 50% chance of using Sludge. Cannot use Tackle three times in a row and cannot use Sludge three times in a row.

Defeating the Awakened One in Phase 2 will cause the remaining Cultists to flee.

Name Intent Effect
Dark Echo Intent - Attack - Sickle.png Deal 40 damage.
Sludge Intent - Debuff - Saber.png Deal 18 damage and shuffle 1 Void into the draw pile.
Tackle Intent - Attack - Sickle.png Deal 10 x 3 damage.


The Awakened One is designed to counter decks that utilize Power cards and decks that are designed to deal massive amounts of damage in one turn due to its Curiosity and Rebirth buffs. If your deck heavily relies on these strategies in Act 3, the fight may be more difficult than normal.

Kill the Cultists as soon as possible as they gain Icon Strength.png Strength each turn after the first. The Awakened One itself is straightforward to handle: match your defense to the specific attack and use the rest of your energy to deal damage. Once you lower it to 0 HP, it will become invulnerable until its next turn while removing debuffs like weakened and vulnerable. Use that turn to ramp up your defense and possibly play power cards that were saved, since The Awakened One will immediately use its Dark Echo attack. Surviving Phase 2 is mostly a matter of surviving Dark Echo -- especially the first one, which could catch unsuspecting characters off-guard. Save any exhaust cards that will help speed up this phase (e.g. Terror).

Watch out for Phase 1's Curiosity ability. Whenever you play a Power, the Awakened One will gain 1 Icon Strength.png Strength (2 in Ascension 19+). This is especially dangerous with the Soul Strike attack, which will use the Icon Strength.png Strength bonus four times. Even if you have a Power build, you might want to avoid using them during this phase. Curiosity goes away in Phase 2, so you might want to spam your Powers when the Awakened One enters its invulnerable state between the phases, or as soon as Phase 2 begins.

Use temporary Icon Strength.png Strength debuffs (like Piercing Wail) right before killing his first form. The debuff will permanently lower Icon Strength.png Strength in Phase 2, but not below 0.


  • The Awakened One is the deity that both the Cultists and the Chosen worship.
  • Matryoshka.png Matryoshka references this boss in its flavor text.
  • It is known that the Awakened One is the crow god Mazaleth according to the BirdFacedUrn.png Bird-Faced Urn's flavor text.
  • There is a Ritual Dagger stuck in the Awakened One's chest.
  • The Awakened One may be the end result of a ritual involving a lucky Chosen, as a way to manifest the deity they worship. Evidence to support this theory includes the the humanoid hands and body shape of the Awakened One, the name "Chosen", and the blue feathers that appear to be growing out of the body of the Chosen (in contrast to the Cultists, who appear to be only wearing clothes that mimic feathers). There is also the Ritual Dagger, which was used by worshippers of the deity in The Nest event, signaling that the body that houses the Awakened One was stabbed on purpose as part of a cult ritual.

Update History[]

  • Patch V2.0: The Watcher
    • Fixed double-played Sunder gaining energy twice on Darklings and Awakened One.
  • Weekly Patch 50: The Final Act
    • Awakened One and Orb Walkers were not shuffling their status cards into the player's draw pile, but into a fixed position.
  • Weekly Patch 46: Adrenaline
    • Feed now correctly works on the Awakened One when it is in its second form.
  • Weekly Patch 42: Reboot
    • Updating SFX for Awakened One's pounce attack.
  • Weekly Patch 41: Chill
    • 2 more SFX for Awakened One's attacks.
  • Weekly Patch 40: Forethought
    • Ascension 19 Awakened One's Curiousity Power nerfed 3 -> 2.
  • Weekly Patch 35: Aggregate
    • Fix for crash when playing Havoc against half dead enemies (Darkling/Awakened one).
  • Weekly Patch 34: Malaise
    • Enemies in the Awakened One encounter were not attacking in the correct order. Now attacks left to right.
  • Weekly Patch 25: Building Blocks
    • Awakened One no longer incorrectly regenerates to 10 HP if killed by thorn type effects.
  • Weekly Patch 23: Testing Continues...
    • Fixed issue where Awakened One was affected by Debuffs from Form 2.
    • Sunder should now work on half dead enemies (Darklings/Awakened One)
  • Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning
    • Fixed issue where Awakened One could growl multiple times.
  • Weekly Patch 20: Immolate
    • Awakened One nerf. Curiousity is now 2 -> 1. Ascension: 3 -> 2.
  • Weekly Patch 18: Paranormal
    • Awakened One nerf: 2 Voids -> 1 Void
  • Weekly Patch 17: Patched in the Face
    • Void: Replaces the Darkness debuff from the Awakened One.
    • Awakened One now gives you a Void card instead of the Darkness debuff.
  • Weekly Patch 14: Bullet Time
    • New animations for Awakened One.
  • Weekly Patch 10: Quality of Life
    • Awakened One buffed to be on par with other Act 3 bosses:
    • Soul Strike: 6 x 3 -> 6 x 4
    • Slash damage 10 -> 20
    • Echo damage 32 -> 40
    • Tackle: 10 x 2 -> 10 x 3
  • Weekly Patch 8: Ooh Shiny!
    • Awakened One enemy updated HP 320/240 -> 300/300.
  • Weekly Patch 7: Setting Up All the Things
    • HOTFIX: The Awakened One actually heals to full HP now.
    • The Awakened One gets many changes:
    • HP is increased from 300 -> 320.
    • Curiosity is nerfed from 3 -> 2
    • Form 2 HP 200 -> 240
    • Form 2 no longer cleanses buffs (Strength is retained)
    • Form 2: Dark Echo 40 -> 32
    • Form 2: 12 x 2 attack is now 10 x 2 attack
    • Form 2: 16 damage is now 12 damage
    • Form 2: Cleanse move is removed
    • The You Are Nothing achievement can be achieved on The Awakened One now.
  • Weekly Patch 3: Balance Balance Balance
    • Feed no longer works on enemies that go into a half dead state (Darkling, Awakened One).
  • Weekly Patch 1: The First of Many!
    • The Awakened One now has a Power that alludes to a second form.
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