Ascension is a game mode that adds new challenge modifiers to runs for added difficulty.

In order to unlock Ascension 1 for one character, you need to beat all three acts with that character.

Winning a run in each Ascension will unlock the next Ascension for that character only.

Losing a run will NOT reset any progress or decrease your Ascension number. Losing a run in Act 4 will still unlock the next Ascension.

You may play any Ascension level you have unlocked.

All Ascension levels can be played in Custom Mode, but completing them there will not count for your progress in the game.

The negative effects from each Ascension level are cumulative. For example: If you are on Ascension 3, the disadvantages of Ascension 1 and 2 will be in effect as well.


  1. Elites spawn more often.
  2. Normal enemies are deadlier.
  3. Elites are deadlier.
  4. Bosses are deadlier.
  5. Heal less after Boss battles (75% of missing health)
  6. Start each run damaged (-10% health)
  7. Normal enemies are tougher.
  8. Elites are tougher.
  9. Bosses are tougher.
  10. Ascender's Bane
  11. Start each run with 1 less potion slot.
  12. Upgraded cards appear less often. (50% less)
  13. Bosses drop less gold. (25% less)
  14. Lower max HP. (-5 for Ironclad, -4 for Silent and Defect)
  15. Unfavorable events.
  16. Shops are more costly. (10% more)
  17. Normal enemies have more challenging movesets and abilities.
  18. Elite enemies have more challenging movesets and abilities.
  19. Boss enemies have more challenging movesets and abilities.
  20. Fight 2 bosses at the end of Act 3.
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