Artifact is a buff that will negate the next debuff on that unit.

Each stack of Artifact can block 1 application of: Icon Weak.png Weak, Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable, Icon Poison.png Poison, Icon Frail.png Frail, Icon Strength.png Strength Loss, etc.

  • Bouncing Flask will remove 1 Artifact with each bounce.
  • Envenom will remove 1 Artifact with each unblocked Attack.
  • Shockwave will remove up to 2 Artifacts from each enemy.

Effects that apply multiple debuffs will do so in the order listed on the card. For instance, if an enemy has 1 Artifact and is hit by Shockwave, they will end up Vulnerable but not Weak.

The player can gain Artifact using Panacea (a Colorless card), Core Surge, or an Ancient Potion. Clockwork Souvenir lets the player begin the fight with one artifact.

Enemy Interactions

  • Note that all cards that inflict ongoing effects on enemies work via their own special debuff even if it's not specifically identified on the card; these will still be blocked by Artifact. For instance, the ongoing effects of Corpse Explosion orChoke can be blocked by Artifact.
  • Enemy attacks which immediately add a status card to your deck, such as the Slime Boss' Goop Spray or the Taskmaster's Scouring Whip, are depicted as inflicting negative effects and give the impression it can be blocked by an artifact. However, an active artifact will not prevent the addition of the cards.

Player Interactions

  • Flex's strength loss at the end of turn is negated by Artifact, granting a net strength gain.
  • Wraith Form and Biased Cognition's debuffs can be negated by Artifact before you played mentioned cards. If the Artifact is played after the debuff is received, it will negate 1 tick of their respective effects.
  • No Draw from Bullet Time or Battle Trance can be negated, allowing the player to keep on drawing cards.
  • The downsides of Panic Button, Hyperbeam and Berserk can be negated, allowing them to be played safely.

Enemies with Artifact

Update History

  • Weekly Patch 50: The Final Act
    • Turnip and Ginger relics now prevent Artifact from triggering when they nullify debuffs.
  • Weekly Patch 40: Forethought
    • Shifting Power (Transient) should now interact correctly, even if the owner has Artifact.
  • Weekly Patch 35: Aggregate
    • Corpse Explosion power is now a debuff.
  • Weekly Patch 33: Terror
    • No Draw power now counts as a debuff.
    • Wraith Form power now properly counts as a debuff. (Like Biased Cognition)
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