The Art of War is a Common Relic that provides an additional Energy next turn if you do not play any attack cards in your current turn.

Strategy Edit

This relic benefits during turns where you need to use all Energy to block fully in order to negate a large amount of damage. This relic is also useful during turn 1 on characters like the Defect and the Silent, as a good number of decks for the aforementioned characters include a turn 1 where only powers or skills are played.

It is important to note that this relic is widely considered by the community as one of the least useful relics in the game due to it's very small niche. In most situations, you should not avoid playing attacks just to activate the Art of War, as the additional Energy next turn is generally not worth the combat lasting longer than it has to.

Interactions Edit

  • Pocketwatch: On turns where Pocketwatch activates, there is a good chance you did not play any attacks. This allows you to benefit more from the additional energy next turn, as you will have more cards to work with due to Pocketwatch.
  • Snecko Eye: On turns where Art of War activates, the additional energy will allow you to play more cards if Snecko Eye randomizes cards into mostly high costs.
  • The Bomb
    : The Bomb
    is a skill which deals damage, meaning you can deal damage without losing the benefit of Art of War.
  • All attack cards: Prevents Art of War from triggering.
  • Double Tap
    : Playing this skill would be a waste of Energy unless you played an attack, therefore preventing Art of War from triggering.

Trivia Edit

The relic references the Art of War, an ancient manuscript on military tactics written by Sun Tzu.

Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 3: Balance Balance Balance
    • Art of War should now show the correct energy icon.
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