The Ancient Tea Set is a common relic that provides 2 Energy at the start of the first combat encountered after entering a Rest Site.


This relic's ability allows the player to play more cards on turn 1 after entering a Rest Site, which means it is more likely for a combat to end much faster than it normally would. This give the player an incentive to route towards Rest Sites. Since boss combats are always preceded with a Rest Site, this relic guarantees 2 additional Energy at the start of boss combats (barring some exceptions, see the Secret Portal event and the Ascension 20 modifier).

It is important to note that entering ? rooms or Treasure Rooms does not mean that the effect of the relic is wasted, as the Energy gain only triggers when entering a combat.


Update HistoryEdit

  • Weekly Patch 52: Release Date Price Increase
    • Updated relic asset for Ancient Tea Set.
  • Weekly Patch 8: Ooh Shiny!
    • Wording: Consistency in description for Ancient Tea Set and Eternal Feather.
  • Weekly Patch 4: Full speed ahead!
    • Fixing typos for Ancient Tea Set's flavor description.
  • Weekly Patch 3: Balance Balance Balance
    • Ancient Tea Set now properly saves its state, continuing won't remove it.
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