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All For One is an Attack card for The Defect and the flagship card of its 0-cost archetype. As a Rare card, All For One can usually be obtained only as a boss reward and at a considerable price from The Merchant.


  • All For One is a powerhouse in any deck with a significant number of 0-cost cards. Its ability to recover up to ten free cards enables The Defect to unleash a brutal beatdown while developing future plays. Its 10 base damage is merely a bonus.
  • Avoid VelvetChoker.png Velvet Choker at all costs, since it shuts down the 0-cost deck.
  • All For One's strength hinges on the number of 0-cost cards in the deck, and how aggressively the player can draw them. When building around All For One, prioritize zero-cost Attacks like Beam Cell, Go for the Eyes and especially Streamline, FTL, and Claw. Pack as much card draw as possible to put them in the discard pile and All For One in the hand.
  • After acquiring All For One, keep 150 Gold available to purchase Panache from The Merchant. All For One turns often involve 10 plays or more, which Panache translates into impressive area of effect damage.
  • Be aware that All For One doesn't help The Defect defend itself, as the only replayable Block-granting 0-cost card, Force Field, is a poor fit in the deck. High-Block Skills, especially Auto-Shields, can stretch the single remaining Energy into a solid defense. Energy-granting Boss Relics like CursedKey.png Cursed Key allow the player to mix more Block into big All For One turns.
  • Consider adding Recycle and Hologram to a deck with All For One. While normally weak, these cards do a great job at stabilizing the deck. Recycle is especially useful for clearing unused Attacks from the hand to make room for more discarded cards.
    • In addition, Hologram can, with luck, make Snecko fights trivial. If both Hologram and All for One are randomly drawn as 0 cost, it can create an infinite loop of any 0-cost damage card -> All For One -> Hologram to recall All For One.
  • While Scrape is normally a key part of a 0-cost deck, it can discard All For One. Check the decklist often to avoid an embarrassing misplay.
  • All For One checks the cost that appears on the card. Cards decreased to 0 cost by Icon Confused.png Confused will be recovered, but cards increased above 0 cost will not. Note that a card retains its cost when discarded, and Confused randomizes the cost when the card is drawn.
  • The player's hand can hold a maximum of 10 cards. If the player can't hold every 0-cost card in the discard pile, the recovered cards are selected in the order they are displayed in the discard pile. Note that playing a card immediately removes it from the hand, so All For One itself doesn't count towards the hand limit.
  • All For One's power is entirely determined by the cards it will recover. If the player draws All For One too early, or the 0-cost cards are too weak, it's often better not to play it and hope for better luck next shuffle.
  • Be very careful not to draw too many cards and shuffle the discard pile. Use extreme caution when fighting Time Eater, as his effect will likely interrupt the turn before all 0-cost cards are played.
  • The downsides of TURBO and Steam Barrier are multiplied by replaying them. Instead of reflexively playing everything after playing All For One, estimate how many turns remain in the battle, and whether these cards will end the battle before their Status drawbacks overwhelm you.
  • Rebound can save All For One for a better turn if there are few or no 0-costs to play from playing it.

Update History[]

  • Weekly Patch 37: Darkness
    • Scrape and All For One cards now correctly work with cards that set cost to 0 until played.
  • Weekly Patch 27: Hello World
    • This week adds the long anticipated third character into the game!
    • A new character with unique mechanics, keywords, and art.
    • Content: 75 Cards.
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