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Act 3 or the Beyond is the third of the three default acts of Slay the Spire.


Act 3 starts after the player defeats the Act 2 boss. They are also healed to full health at the start of the act, or 75% of their missing HP on Ascension 5 and beyond.

This act is infamous for enemies that are notoriously difficult to deal with, with some boasting an amount of health that is comparable to that of a Boss. Even the weakest enemies in this act are very much a nuisance that requires careful plan of attack.

Due to the diverse nature of enemies and their difficulty, this is the act that will test the player's deck thoroughly for its ability to survive every kind of situation.

Enemies are usually comprised of one very strong monster, a group of strong monsters, or a group of moderately strong monsters.

Events exclusive to this act usually have great impact on the player while having huge risk tied to them. There are only a few exclusive events that do not cost the player something. Like in Act 2, there are a number of events that are affected by Relics the player has.

Card rewards in this act has 50% chance to appear upgraded, reduced to 25% on Ascension 12 and beyond.

This act spans from floor 35 to floor 51.

  • Floor 35 is always a Monsters battle.
  • Floor 43 is always a Treasure Room.
  • Floor 49 is always a Rest Site.
  • Floor 50 is always a Boss battle.
  • Floor 51 is the player facing an unknown entity.
    • If the player has the Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire keys they will advance to floor 52 and Act 4.
    • Otherwise, the game will end in a "Victory?" screen.


Exclusive Events[]

Shared Events[]



DarklingIcon.jpg OrbWalkerIcon.jpg ShapesIcon.jpg MawIcon.jpg SpireGrowthIcon.jpg TransientIcon.jpg WrithingMassIcon.jpg


CultistIcon.jpg JawWormIcon.jpg SphericGuardianIcon.jpg

First 2 Encounters[]

Name Details Encounter chance
3 Darklings - 33.33%
Orb Walker - 33.33%
3 Shapes 3 randomly chosen from 2 Repulsors, 2 Spikers and 2 Exploders. 33.33%

Remaining Encounters[]

Name Details Encounter chance
4 Shapes 4 randomly chosen from 2 Repulsors, 2 Spikers and 2 Exploders. 12.5%
Maw - 12.5%
Spheric Guardian and 2 Shapes Shapes are randomly chosen from Repulsors, Spikers and Exploders. 12.5%
3 Darklings - 12.5%
Writhing Mass - 12.5%
Jaw Worm Horde 3 Jaw Worms (Hard mode) 12.5%
Spire Growth - 12.5%
Transient - 12.5%