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Act 1 or the Exordium is the first of the three default acts of Slay the Spire.


Act 1 is the introductory act of the game. The player always start with a conversation with Neow before starting their journey.

Most enemies do not have complex moves and are usually straightforward in nature. This act also teaches the player about basic Buffs and Debuff that are widespread among the enemy.

Enemies are usually comprised of one moderately strong monster, a group of weak monsters, or a pair of moderately strong monsters.

Most events exclusive to this act does not have heavy penalty, and usually cost player their HP, whether directly through its choice or through an avoidable fight.

Card rewards in this act has 0% chance to appear upgraded. The only way to have upgraded card in card rewards is by obtaining MoltenEgg2.png Molten Egg, ToxicEgg2.png Toxic Egg, or FrozenEgg2.png Frozen Egg.

This act spans from floor 1 to floor 17.


Exclusive Events[]

Shared Events[]



AcidSlimeIcon.jpg SpikeSlimeIcon.jpg CultistIcon.jpg JawWormIcon.jpg LousesIcon.jpg FungiBeastIcon.jpg GremlinsIcon.jpg LooterIcon.jpg BlueSlaverIcon.jpg RedSlaverIcon.jpg

First 3 Encounters[]

Name Details Encounter chance
Cultist - 25%
Jaw Worm - 25%
2 Louses Each Louse has 50% chance of being either red or green. 25%
Small Slimes Acid Slime (M) or Spike Slime (M)

+ Acid Slime (S) or Spike Slime (S)


Remaining Encounters[]

Name Details Encounter chance
Gremlin Gang 4 randomly chosen from 2 Mad, 2 Sneaky, 2 Fat, 1 Wizard and 1 Shield Gremlin. 6.25%
Large Slime Acid Slime (L) or Spike Slime (L). 12.5%
Lots of Slimes 3 Spike Slime (S) + 2 Acid Slime (S). 6.25%
Blue Slaver - 12.5%
Red Slaver - 6.25%
3 Louses Each Louse has 50% chance of being either red or green. 12.5%
2 Fungi Beasts - 12.5%
Exordium Thugs Any Louse or Acid/Spike Slime (M) + Looter or Cultist or Any Slaver. 9.375%
Exordium Wildlife Fungi Beast or Jaw Worm + Any Louses or Acid/Spike Slime (M). 9.375%
Looter - 12.5%