A Note For Yourself is an uncommon Event found in the first three acts of the Spire. It is a unique event because it carries cards between runs; it gives you a card and requires you to store one(thus removing it from your deck), then giving you the card you stored next time you encounter it.

When the player initially encounters this event, its card is an Iron Wave

This event cannot be encountered on Ascension level 15 or higher, and to be encountered on Ascension levels 14 or lower, the player must have beaten that ascension level on the chosen character already.

Notes Edit

  • Interestingly, the player can encounter this event in Custom Mode and store otherwise unobtainable cards such as Pride
    in the event. Alternatively, one could store a highly-upgraded Searing Blow
  • If a card such as Ritual Dagger
    or Genetic Algorithm
    is stored, it loses all additional damage or Block respectively.
  • This event can be used to store cards from other classes for amazing synergies. A great example of this is Juggernaut
    + After Image
    , which is a powerful synergy rarely available otherwise.